FOR EACH OTHER, will you make me a bead for connection?

For all women in every corner of the world
As most of you know, I’ve been working on the Project The Unknown Heroine for a long time. This project consists of an audio installation, ceramic medals, drawings and watercolours. The project is growing because unfortunately I have to note that all unknown Heroines of this world still deserve the best attention possible.
The Unknown Heroine project continues to grow. Right now, I’m making glass plates with images of the Unknown Heroine I’m meeting in the media. I want to connect these glass plates by means of a long chain made of a.o. beads, shells and stones.
For me, this connection symbolizes all women around the world,we are connected from woman to woman and nature connects us without borders.

For each other and for each other
That’s why my question to you, girlfriends, is you want to make me a bead that connects. Or if you can’t, maybe you’re in possession of a special bead, pebble or shell that you want to donate to me.
If you want to work on making a bead yourself, I think that’s super cool.
Of course you have the freedom in choice of material. Clay, textiles, paper or papier-mâché, plastic materials, wood. Whereyour strength lies in making, that’s what you make it. The maximum size is 15cm. And of course it has to be hanging and lacing.
If you don’t have an opportunity at home, come to my Work Studio to make it. That’s also nice to work with. In the Werkstudio I also have quite a lot of choice in material to work with.
Maybe you know an association or a club of women who find this project interesting to work on, pass on this project, the more connection the more beautiful it becomes.
If you are enthusiastic about this project, I would like to hear from you. Or send your bead, pebble or shell to:

Theolieke Smit
Delftse Jaagpad 4
2324 AA Leiden